Venom 2018 Review

518jo3Xlf8LVenom is the newest superhero movie of 2018 and the one that has divided reviewers the most. The movie follows reporter Eddie Brock a down on his luck reporter who ends up bonding to an alien Symbiote after breaking into an evil research facility and then saving the world from evil billionaire.

I went into the movie only knowing the basic plot and the fact that critics seemed to hate it but audiences liked it. Honestly, I feel like that was the best way to go into it, with very few expectations. Overall I liked the movie it’s different than other superhero/comic movies as Eddie and Venom aren’t really good guys. They end up saving the world because they don’t want the bad guy to win. It’s also very clear that the movie knows it’s a comic book movie and plays it up a bit.

The movie isn’t ground breaking but it’s not bad and doesn’t deserve the hate from the critics. It’s not anywhere near as bad as Catwoman or Ben Affleck’s Daredevil. Go into the movie just wanting a fun comic book movie and I think you will enjoy it. The only criticism I have is that the first half of the movie with all the setup feels like it drags a little and during the end fight scene the CG kind of blends together and make parts hard to follow.

Overall, Venom is not the greatest movie but by no means a bad film. It’s a fun movie that I feel like most audiences will enjoy watching.

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