February Wrap Up

In February I read five books and watched series 11 of Doctor Who. 


Witch Child by Celia Rees is a historical fiction young adult novel that follows Mary Newbury who escapes a witch trials in England and travels with a group of puritans to the new world. However, it becomes clear when they arrive in Massachusetts that Mary must be careful as she is an outsider who could easily be tried as a witch and she might just be one. Witch Child is a reread for me as I read the book initially when I was a teenager. I didn’t love it as much as I remember because I’m much older now.Witch Child feel more like a middle grade but I still like the book. 5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars

Artemis by Andy Weir is a science fiction novel where Jasmine lives on Artemis, Earth’s first and only lunar colony. When her get rich quick plan falls apart she learns how the colony is truly run and what she has to due to try to save her friends and family while also not getting arrested. An interesting story on how a lunar colony would be run though not as funny as the Martian. I personally liked the premise of the story more than the story that is told and I feel like Artemis would not work in reality with how everything is run. 5_Star_Rating_System_3_stars

Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant is a novella about a research ship going to the Mariana Trench to find Mermaids. When the ship gets there all the scientist think that the company sponsoring the trip is just going to film a mockumentary but they end up finding real mermaids who are not kind or beautiful. This book is technically a prequel to Into the Drowning Deep but it works as a stand alone. I didn’t connect to the characters much due to how short the book is but what is there is great. It made me want more from this world and story. 5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars

Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant is a science fiction horror novel about a reteach ship going out to the Mariana Trench to find mermaids and what happened to the ship that went out seven years previously. This is a reread for me and I loved it just as much as the first time I read it. The best way I can describe it is the book is everything I didn’t know I wanted out of murderous mermaids. 5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars

The Invasion (Animorphs #1) by K A Applegate is the first in the Animorphs books where a group of teenagers are gifted the power to turn into animals to fight an invasion of aliens. I read most of the series when I was in elementary school and junior high but I never finished it so when I found the books again I want to see if I would like them enough to reread and finish the series. Though it feels much younger than I remember its probably just because I’m not the age these books are marketed to but I think its a good start to the series. The conflict is established early and the reality of the character involvement is much more harsh as these kids are going to fight a war. Though I didn’t love any of the characters they are realistic for the situation they are trust into and the books are much darker than I remember. 5_Star_Rating_System_3_stars

TV shows:

Doctor whoThis month I finally sat down and watch the most recent season of Doctor Who with Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor. For me I was not a huge fan of this season, its not bad but its not all that good either. Most of the episodes were decent but I didn’t connect with any of the new characters or story lines. Graham and Ryan were the best characters and while Yaz was fine, with so many new characters and actors fighting for good character moments none of them were given much overall. As for Jodie Whittaker, I think she is a good actor but she is not the Doctor. I felt no connection between her version of the Doctor and other actors who had played the character and I didn’t believe that she was the Doctor. I don’t blame any of the actors as they are just bring what they can to the writers work so I feel like the writing needs to get much better for Doctor Who to continue and be loved by so many. Ultimately, if the show had any other name I don’t think I would have finished the season. I will watch the first few episodes of the next season as they will have a year to hopeful fix problems from the past season but if those first episodes aren’t good then I won’t continue watching.

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