May 2019 Wrap Up

I was very busy last month and didn’t get much done for the blog so I also have blacklisted post to finish and post. May has been a good month though somewhat stressful.


I have read 3 books this month and it was a much better month for me then the last couple.

40776737Alien Echo by Mira Grant is a young adult book set in the Alien franchise and is cannon to the rest of the series. It follows the story of twin sisters, Olivia and Viola, on a new world where their parents work as xenobiolgists but when an Alien threat that no one has ever seen rips their world apart they must adapt to survive. The book stars out slow like most movies in the alien franchise. For the first 90 pages or so its more of a teen drama set on a alien world than a science fiction or horror story but when the Xenomorphs arrive it become a true Alien story with all the problems that entails. The thing about Mira Grant books is there is always a twist that changes everything that makes me love the book more or makes me fall in love with a book that doesn’t have the greatest beginning. The characters are interesting and well written for the world though there is some romantic drama that is over done near the beginning and if you know the Alien franchise you know whats coming. So there doesn’t see to be a point to it and the slang is little over used. Considering the characters are teenagers shove into a situation that no one can predict with Aliens that are evolving to be better killers most of the reactions make sense. The action of the characters worked and were as though out as the situation allowed for and the book overall fits within the rest of the Alien Franchise.5_Star_Rating_System_3_and_a_half_stars 

260047The Second Evil by R L Stine is the second book in the Fear Street Cheerleaders saga. We follow Corky Corcoran after the events of book one where she is still dealing with the death of her sister and the evil spirit that attempted to kill both of them. Corky is trying to put Bobbi’s death behind her and live as normal of a life as possible with the Shadyside cheer leading squad. However, it becomes apparent that the evil spirit is not done with her yet and people start dying again. This is a reread for me but since I read these books back in junior high I don’t remember much of what happen though I do remember not liking this one much even back then. Though it continues the story from the first book there are tons of plot thread added to this one that don’t really go anywhere- from Jennifer’s bother blaming her death on Corky to a girl related to Sarah Fear the book is constantly trying to convince you that multiple people could be the evil spirit. By the time book ends and tells you what really going on its not the most interesting take. The evil seems to be defeated once again but we all know that its really not and will continue to terrorize everyone in the next book. 5_Star_Rating_System_2_stars

38644528Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile by Kazushige Nojima is a prequel novella to the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie and is set in the years following the end of the game. This novella expects you to either have played the game or know enough that it doesn’t need to take the time to introduce characters, places, or past events. This is a book written and designed for fans of the game and will make no sense to anyone who is not a fan. Though not the best written work it does give the reader insight into the emotions and actions of all of our favorite characters following the end of the game. The novella is broken up into six main sections each following a different character or group in the after math of the lifesteam destroying meteor and the defeat of Sephiroth. These sections are broken up by sections in the lifestream which seem to be Sephiroth’s and Arith’s thoughts and how they are trying to harm and help our heroes. The main thing this story focuses on is the guilt that these survivors have even though they are heroes that saved the world and what do they do after that. If you are a fan I would recommend reading it once, either before or after watching the movie. I love this series and now I want the remake of the game even more. 5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars

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