Artemis by Andy Weir

34928122Artemis by Andy Weir is a science fiction novel where Jasmine (Jazz) lives on Artemis, Earth’s first and only lunar colony. When her get rich quick plan falls apart she learns how the colony is truly run and what she has to due to try to save her friends and family while also not getting crested. An interesting story on how a lunar colony would be run though not as funny as the Martian its entertaining.

Jazz doesn’t feel like a very realistic character but her personality and the high jinks she is involved with are very entertaining. The blurb on the book makes it seem like the heist would be the main focus of the story but it happens about half way though the book and the rest of the story is Jazz dealing with the fallout and things not going to plan. I don’t think Artemis would work as a real city as there is no real police force just Rudy who gets to beat people up or whatever he wants to keep everyone in line and everything running like it should.

I like Andy Weir’s witting connecting both science fiction with science fact but at times it felt far more technical that it needed to be which lead parts of the book to be boring. I personally liked the premise of the story more than the story that is told. The main thing that I didn’t like which caused me to rate the book lower is the fact that Jazz begins and ends the story at the exact same place and there is not much character growth.

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