Illumicrate Darkdawn Box

IMG_0820When Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff was being released and preorders started I got sucked into buying multiple boxes which I’m glad I did. So I ordered three book boxes, one candle boxes, and two preorders which meant that I ended up with five copies of Darkdawn.IMG_0823

Each box included different items and each box will get its own post as this would be far too long to include all in one. First box is the Illumicrate Bloods and Blades box. This box included the book with is signed, has yellow sprayed edges and come with an author letter. Also included is Three a deleted scene from the book.

The bookish items are a mug featuring Mia and Ash, a wonderful Mr Kindly and Eclipse blanket, a booksleeve, a wooden map of Itreya, and enamel pins. Other items where a Mr Kindly bath bomb that smells like blood orange and tints the bath water red, a foil art print of Mia, a Corvere crest necklace, a Mia figure designed like a Funko Pop, a character bookmark set, a collectible coin, and art and an interview from the cast of the Nevernight short film by Piera Forde.

What I love about special boxes is that the items are all from a favorite series and I like if not love most of the items. The only one that I don’t care that much about is the figurine but that’s because I’ve never been a collector of figures and I don’t really like the Funko design. I love that some of the items are very useful and not just items to display because I like everyone I don’t have a ton of space to keep bookish things.

Illumicrate’s special edition boxes are amazing and I will order form them in the future for special editions. Their monthly boxes are also goo but if I don’t love everything the international shipping to the United States isn’t always worth it.

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