Fae Crate Darkdawn Box

IMG_0802As I’ve mentioned before I bought several book boxes in celebration of the release of DarkDawn by Jay Kristoff. The Fae Crate edition is the last of the book boxes I received though I did also buy a box from a bookish candle company that I will discuss in another post. The amazing thing about all of these boxes is that there were very few duplicate items and every box had different amazing art and artist behind it.IMG_0807

As with all of these boxes there was a copy of DarkDawn and the deleted scene Three. The Fae Crate edition is signed and came with special dust jacket set for all the books in the series.

Of the bookish items all Fae Crate special edition boxes come with a plushie this time of Mia. Other items included were an enamel pin featuring Tric, a character print, a metal cuff bracelet with the quote “I am the war you cannot win”, and a Spiderkiller drink tumbler. Also there was a character card set, a USB in the shape of the gravestone dagger, a pouch, collectible coin and a room spray. The most unique item was a sun shade for a car that had character art on it.

I don’t always love Fae Crate’s monthly boxes but their Hangover Crates and specialty boxes are incredibly well done with high quality items and amazing art.

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