November 2019 Shelflove Crate

This month I decided to try out several different monthly book box subscriptions. Shelflove Crate is a fantasy and science fiction subscription box that includes a new hardcover book and bookish items each month. November’s theme is Reading the Restricted Section.IMG_1185

The bookish items included are a storage box shaped like a book, a fabric bin printed with commonly banned books, a bookmark, a grocery bag inspired by the Handmaid’s Tale, and a pocket mirror inspired by Twilight. In 2019 Shelflove Crate was doing collectible chess pieces in each box, this months are Lazlo and Sarai from Strange the Dreamer. Some of these items are practical but its still a let down, as of right now I don’t think I will buy another Shelflove box.

The book included is Blood Heir by Amelie Wen Zhao. The start of a new series about a princess who is hiding a secret and a con man she has to trust to clear her name in the aftermath of her father’s murder. Shelflove also includes a letter from the author and a signed book plate.IMG_1186

Shelflove Crate didn’t do a box for December 2019.

As this post is going up late I feel like I should mention that Shelflove Crate had shipping issues and delays at the end of 2019. Now their boxes are not sent in actual boxes but bubble mailers.

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