November 2019 Fae Crate

Fae Crate is a young adult book subscription box that focuses on fantasy and science fiction. Unlike some book boxes Fae Crate has three options to choose from: a shirt only box (Solitary Crate), a book and goodies box (Unseelie Crate), and a box that includes the shirt, book, and all the bookish goodies (Seelie Crate). For my box I choose the Unseelie Crate without the shirt.IMG_1119

The bookish goodies included are a pen inspired by My Lady Jane, a hanging organizer, a magnetic bookmark, a note pad inspired by the Raven Cycle, a Lifelike Polaroid, and the monthly collectible coin. This box also included a pocket edition of Peter Pan which makes the box worth a little bit more. Considering how amazing Fae Crate’s specialty boxes are the monthly boxes that I have gotten feel a little cheep given the price.

The book is The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White which is a King Arthur retelling. Fae Crate also included a exclusive cover, a letter from the author and a sign book plate. In this book Guinevere has come to Camelot to marry and protect Arthur but how can she trust herself when everything she is, is a lie?IMG_1122

Fae Crate does seem to include books that are not the most hyped so if your trying to find new books people might not be talking about this might be the box for you. Also Fae Crate does include a eBook download in each months box which adds more value when the items might not be the best. This months eBook was Hook and Crown by Nicole Knapp.

For those interested Fae Crate does special book “hangover” recovery boxes for some popular and highly anticipated books throughout the year as well as monthly boxes.

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