Shelflove Crate Christmas Advent Box

To celebrate the Christmas season Shelflove Crate created a Christmas Advent box. There were two different boxes a 12 day box and a 25 day box. Because of the quality of the Darkdawn box I decided that I want to order the 25 day box as a gift to myself. The post about the Advent box said that it would include bookish fandoms, Christmas fandoms and general bookish goodies. Below there will be a list of the items with pictures and then I will go into my feelings about the box. 


Day 1: Hallmark Christmas Movie socks

Day 2:  A pop socket

Day 3: An Iron on for a shirt or bag

Day 4: A wooden mixing spoon with a cookie recipe

Day 5: A Christmas Candle

Day 6: A Miracle on 34th Street note pad

Day 7: An oven mitt

Day 8: A set of Christmas Cards

Day 9: A set of four wooden ornaments

Day 10: A book sleeve

Day 11: A snowflake necklace

Day 12: A set of A Christmas Story coasters

Day 13: A 52 card reading challenge set

Day 14: A Harry Potter book wallet

Day 15: A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree enamel pin

Day 16: A Polar Express paper ticket bookmark

Day 17: A Christmas stocking

Day 18: An ACOTAR star shaped stress ball

Day 19: A large art print of a Christmas scene with multiple characters

Day 20: A Harry Potter Mug

Day 21: A snowflake marshmallow

Day 22: A Hat

Day 23: A Elsa art print

Day 24: A copy of A Christmas Carol

Day 25:  A large blanket

Boxes were stated to ship in mid to late November to arrive before December 1st and the 25 day boxes were even split into two boxes so there wouldn’t be any delays but that did not happen. The first box of the 25 days didn’t arrive until the 4 and did not include day 11. The second box as also late. Given the cost of the box I expect much more high quality item and fewer paper items. Also there was no card included to find out more information about each item, I don’t even know which artist are connected to each item. I ended up damaging the iron on in an attempt to figure out what the item was and it is completely unacceptable to include food items with out any information attached to them. The marshmallow I thew away after photographing as I didn’t trust where it came from with no information.

At this point with all the issues this box had and the fact that the owners of Shelflove Crate only had excuses about what was going on with no apologies I have no intention of ever buying from Shelflove Crate again.


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