Saga Vol. 1-9 Review

Saga is a scifi graphic novel series that follows Alana and Marko, lovers from different world that are at war with each other. Alana is from the more technologically advanced Landfall and Marko is From Wreath, Landfall’s moon, where people use magic. This war has spread to other worlds though there is peace on the main worlds. Alana and Marko met when she was guarding him in prison the first issue of the series has Allan giving birth to their daughter Hazel and escaping from those who would kill them. Hazel is narrating the story to the reader so we know she survives throughout the story. The summary of the series will contain spoilers for multiple volumes and events. If you don’t want to read further know that I love this series and would recommend it to anyone looking for a mature science fiction graphic novel series.

The first couple of volumes follows Alana and Marko trying to keep ahead of the different groups trying to track them down. These include Prince Robot IV who’s father wants him to capture them and a mercenary named The Will who also wants to kill Prince Robot after he killed The Will partner. During this time Marko’s parents and ex-fiancee, Gwendolyn, come into the story as they want answers as to what is going on.

Starting with the third volume the series shifts from everyone running away to them trying to find a way to live as a family without those pursuing them finding out where they are. We are also introduced to the journalist Upsher and Doff who are investigating Alana and Marko. In volume four, Alana is acting in a underground program where everyone wears masks and starts to get involved in drug use while Marko is a stay at home dad. When Prince Robot’s son is kidnapped and ends up separating the main family Marko must team up with those who want him dead to save those he loves.

In volume six, Alana and Marko find Hazel at a Landfall detention center and reuniting with her while also finding out that Alana is once again pregnant. Sadly, due to a battle and Alana getting injured she loses the baby and they must travel to a world where abortions are preformed to save her life. While this is happening the family starts to see visions of the life the baby would have had. Through out these events Prince Robot and his son are slowly becoming friends with the family and as the series progresses to the last current volume it becomes obvious that these people that once hated each other are starting to become family.

Though I love this series some volumes fell like filler stories to add to the tension of the main plot but don’t matter that much. I also think that at times the graphic and sexual content is just there for shock value which doesn’t add anything to the story. There are several volumes, especially those about Alana pregnancy and miscarriage that are hard to read given the topic and the ending of volume nine is heartbreaking.

However, I do love this series and recommend it to older audiences for a mature graphic novel read and I can’t wait to see where the series goes next.




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