FaeCrate Thorns and All Hangover Recovery Kit

IMG_1202For different books FaeCrate do Hangover Recovery kits for the book hangover you will have after finishing the book. They never had a chance to do one for The Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Mass so in conjunction with the anniversary edition of the first book they did a mini recover kit call Thorns and All.IMG_1193

This kit did not come with a book just bookish items so it is perfect for those who love the series and want merch connected to the books and series as a whole. The bookish items included were a Rhysand plushie which is a staple for FaeCrate Hangover kits. I personally don’t care for the plushies so I will probably end up selling it at some point. A Being of light and fire print, a collectible coin, a starfall necklace was also included. Sadly, the necklace feels cheep and is very short. I needed to add two different two inch extenders to the necklace to wear it. Also included where a patch set, a book mark set, a foil poster, and a makeup brush set and roll. The makeup brushes are not bad but the roll case smells very strong plastic.

Some of the biggest items where the Acrylic bookends and the shawl which are the items that I will get the most use out of. All in all I liked this box but it is for those who are fans of the series as if your not that big of a fan most of these items won’t appeal to you. Though I wish less cheep and paper item had be included.

3 thoughts on “FaeCrate Thorns and All Hangover Recovery Kit

    1. Hi,
      No I didn’t sell it. I just haven’t taken the time to list it on any of the buy/sell/trade groups on facebook. Though I do plan to sell it at some point.


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