Book Review: Full Moon by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #2)

91477Full Moon by Jim Butcher is the second book in the Dresden Files series. The story once again follows Harry Dresden, wizard living in Chicago who helps the police with supernatural crimes. Dresden is down on his luck with no work when a mutilated corpse, strange paw prints combined with a full moon drag him into a murder investigation. Based on the title and summary this time Dresden is going up against werewolf’s but maybe not the ones we know from fiction.

Many people say that the Dresden Files books don’t start getting really good until book three and I agree that Full Moon is not Butcher’s best work. I love the world he has created and Harry Dresden as a character but this book board me at best and annoyed me at worst. I disliked all the scenes with Murphy and until close to the end of the book I didn’t care about what happened or the stakes.

I listen to these books as audio books because even if I’m struggling with the story James Marsters as the narrator make me want to finish the book. However, even with the issues I sometimes have with this series there is something that keeps bring me back and I do plan on continuing with the series.

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