Beacon Bookstagram Box 2020

When I started this blog I also created a Instagram account to post bookstagram photos. As I’m still learning the best ways to post and interact on Instagram the Beacon Bookstagram Box sounded like an interesting tool that I might get something out of.

This is not a traditional book box as there is no book or fandom related items. It is instead a box of props and information for those wanting to start a bookstgram account or those who have one and want more information.

IMG_0340Beacon joined up with popular bookstagram accounts to give the best advice and some great props that can be used to better pictures. The items included were a notebook with tips and advice, a 26 week planner, a fabric back drop, a letter board, a fake dagger, a crown, a mask, a pocket watch, fairy lights, flower petals, keys, acorns, and pine cones.

Most of these items where not props I already had so buying this box worked out for me. Now I have new props to use in different ways and some tips that I never considered before. Every box was slightly different so that now everyone got exectly the same items therefore pictures will be different. The only item that I didn’t like was the fake dagger it looks and feels very cheep.

If there is another bookstgram box in the future I might consider getting it.

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