Unplugged Book Box: XL Horror Fandoms Box

Unplugged Book Box is a subscription box focusing on self care with a bookish twist. They have both Adult and Young Adult monthly book boxes and specialty boxes. I have been wanting to try out Unplugged for a while now and when I heard about them doing a horror box that would arrive before Halloween I had to try it. The box I bought was the XL Horror Fandoms box which had a few more items than the Large Horror Fandoms box. This box is just a goodies box so no book was included.IMG_0540

The bookish items included were:

  • An Edgar Allen Poe Blanket
  • An Edgar Allen Poe Book Sleeve
  • A Ninth House Headband
  • The Exorcist pillow case
  • A Pan’s Labyrinth mug
  • It perfume
  • HP Lovecraft Bookends
  • Midsommar Tea with a skull spoon
  • A plague doctor enamel pin
  • The Shining soap
  • Trick R Treat Bath bomb
  • Friday the 13th lotion
  • A Bates Motel candle
  • The Blob candle

I generally don’t love just goodies boxes as I worry that I won’t love the items and won’t use them. However, this box is amazing. It combines practical long use items such as blankets and mugs with items that can be used up like candles and soaps. I would recommend Unplugged Book Box and their fandoms boxes for anyone looking to a unique box and experience.

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