Book Review: Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse (Between Earth and Sky #1)

Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse is an adult fantasy inspired by Pre-Columbian Americas and the different civilizations that existed during that time. Roanhorse weaves a tale of prophecies, politics, and magic to create a unique fantasy world that is wonderfully realized and set the backdrop for a set of characters that paths will all intertwine.

In the city of Tova, the winter solstice is a time for celebration but when it coincides with a solar eclipse what is expected is in jeopardy. Xiala, a ship captain and Teek (women who can control the sea), is tasked to bring Serapio, a blind young man, to Tvoa before the solstice to face his destiny. Narapa, the young Sun Priest, who many don’t think deserves her position as she came from the slums is also tied into what ever fate Serapio brings. While Okoa, a member of the worshipers of the Crow God, attempts to find out why his mother died and if it was murder.

I loved the premise of the story and liked most of the book. However, the story is told through the perspectives of our four main characters and I only was interested in two of the perspectives. I love Serapio’s story as we start with how he became blind and believes himself to be the avatar for the Crow God that will destroy the Sun Priest. Xiala is a badass sea captain who happens to have magical powers and I just want more of her story. I also enjoyed her growing relationship with Serapio and the tragedy that it seems to be.

I found Narapa’s sections to be boring and I found myself not wanting to read her chapter’s which in the end caused me to skim read them. I understand why her perspective is used and given the ending I excited to see where her story will go. Okoa had the fewest chapters and not well developed but I feel like he will grown in the next book.

Though the book starts out slow when the plot ramps up its a race to the end. And that ending took me by surprise and left me wanting so much more. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.

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