Illumicrate Archives: The Poppy War Series Box

Illumicrate Archives is a new box type from Illumicrate where they take popular series and release a whole special edition matching set. I have only just recently started the Poppy War series by R. F. Kuang but I already love the characters and the series. So, when Illumicrate announced this box I knew that I had to order it.

This set is primarly focused on the books but there where a few items included. These items where a phoenix and dragon enamel pin set, a foiled art print, and a double sided metal bookmark.

The books themselves are gorgeous. Each book comes with the cover art printed on the hardback, signed end pages, smoky sprayed edges that match the color of the end pages, and exclusive art on the reverse of the dust jacket. I love these editions and can’t wait to finish the series.

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