Book Gizmo March 2021 Deluxe Box: Harrowing Adventures

Book Gizmo is a small independent business that mainly does book sleeves and accessories. I’ve ordered multiple times from Book Gizmo and have loved everything that I’ve ordered. The owner has been doing monthly boxes for a while now but I never order one until now. The March box theme sounded amazing and the knowledge that there where going to be Grisha verse items sold me on it. Especially since I’m very excited for the Netflix Shadow and Bone adaption coming out in April.

The items included where:

  • a new book “jacket” style book sleeve inspired by Shadow and Bone
  • a Lord of the Rings art print
  • a Fable inspired book band
  • a candle inspired by the Iron Fae series
  • a Lord of the Rings magnet
  • a face mask
  • a Witcher face mask

The Deluxe Box included three items that where not in the base box these where a Second Army T-shirt and mug with that you could chose which order of the second army you wanted. The last item is a soap dispenser inspired by Kaz Brekker.

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