Obsidian Moon Crate’s Our Lord & Savior Jay Kristoff Box in Celebration of Empire of the Vampire

Obsidian Moon Crate is a US based book box company for 18 plus that focuses on the darker side of things. Their boxes always have a hardcover book, a crystal, and a candle and then they include about 4-6 other items. As several other book boxes they did a special edition of Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff and I just wanted to see what each company would do for this book.

The Hardback itself is just the signed first edition of the standard US edition but it came with an exclusive dust jacket with art on the reverse and beautifully painted edges. I was waiting to get all my copies to decide which editions I like the most and this one and the Illumicrate one are my favorites.

The items included were a set of enamel pins, a whiskey tumbler, a set of posters from Lifelike, The Illuminae Files, and The Aurora Cycle, two maps, a candle, an Aurora Cycle pin banner, a set of postcards from each of Jay Kristoff’s series, a crystal, and a Tarot Deck. The Tarot Deck was delayed in manufacturing and is shipping later. There was also a large tapestry blanket that could be order separate from the box.

Overall, I absolutely loved this box. Unlike other companies Obsidian Moon Crate not only gave us items inspired by Empire of the Vampire but other works by Jay Kristoff and the aesthetic of the box fits the vibe of the book.

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