Alchemy and Ink True Dark Box

When I order all of the DarkDawn boxes I also order a special box from Alchemy and Ink which is a small bookish candle company. Everything I’ve order from Alchemy and Ink has been the highest quality and wonderfully designed.DSCN1315

The DarkDawn True Dark box included a fleece blanket, a set of pen with quotes from Mia on them, a wine glass, a t-shirt, an enamel pin and a wall hanging. When you ordered the box you could also add on a Mia inspired candle which I did. The candle ended up shipping later that the other items but Natalie, the owner of the company, kept everyone updated and it was worth the wait.img_0977.jpg

If you are every looking at bookish candle companies Alchemy and Ink is my current favorite.

Fae Crate Darkdawn Box

IMG_0802As I’ve mentioned before I bought several book boxes in celebration of the release of DarkDawn by Jay Kristoff. The Fae Crate edition is the last of the book boxes I received though I did also buy a box from a bookish candle company that I will discuss in another post. The amazing thing about all of these boxes is that there were very few duplicate items and every box had different amazing art and artist behind it.IMG_0807

As with all of these boxes there was a copy of DarkDawn and the deleted scene Three. The Fae Crate edition is signed and came with special dust jacket set for all the books in the series.

Of the bookish items all Fae Crate special edition boxes come with a plushie this time of Mia. Other items included were an enamel pin featuring Tric, a character print, a metal cuff bracelet with the quote “I am the war you cannot win”, and a Spiderkiller drink tumbler. Also there was a character card set, a USB in the shape of the gravestone dagger, a pouch, collectible coin and a room spray. The most unique item was a sun shade for a car that had character art on it.

I don’t always love Fae Crate’s monthly boxes but their Hangover Crates and specialty boxes are incredibly well done with high quality items and amazing art.

Shelflove Crate Darkdawn Box

img_0834.jpgWhen DarkDawn by Jay Kristoff was coming out I got sucked into buying multiple book boxes and ended up with five different copies of DarkDawn. Though I didn’t intend to buy that many copies each box included different items and I’m glad I order all of them.img_0836.jpg

The Shelflove Crate box was called GodsGrave Getaway box and include many high quality items and a US signed special edition of DarkDawn. This copy of the book included exclusive art and came with the extra scene Three bound in the book instead as a separate item.

The bookish goodies for the box where very well done and included a “passport” spoiler card, a gorgeous tapestry blanket, collectible chess pieces of Mia and Tric, a GodsGrave sticker, an enamel pin, tarot cards featuring eleven different characters, a booksleave, a coffee mug, a cat shaped spoon inspired by Mister Kindly, Mia bookends, a sleep mask, a decorative pillow case, a bookmark, and a bath crumble that turns the water red.

Each item was created by different artist and independent shops. All the item are of high quality and well thought out that it justifies the price for the specialty box. This was the first specialty box that I got from Shelflove Crate and based on just this I would buy other boxes from them. However, since this post is going up late I have purchased from them since and there were major shipping issues and I feel like the quality of the items was not worth what I paid. So I would caution anyone planing on buying from them in the future to read some posts about the issues that happen at the end of 2019 before giving them money.