Book Review: Turn Coat by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #11)

Turn Coat by Jim Butcher is the eleventh book in the Dresden Files series. Since I read this a while ago I don’t a lot to say about it but I want to continue reviewing each book in the series and I hope to write the next review shortly after finishing the book.

In Turn Coat Morgan has been accused of treason and murder and come to Harry for help. We doe get a little more information on some of the darker forces that are in play when what really happened comes out at the end. I did enjoy Harry and Molly’s interaction with Morgan and all the information on how the White Council works. I can tell that this book is laying ground work for future books and I plan to continue with this series.

Book Review: Small Favor by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #10)

Small Favor by Jim Butcher is the tenth book in the Dresden Files series. This book follows Harry as he is working for Queen Mab who has called in a favor that he owes her and he is tasked with protecting John Marcone. This is one of the most action packed books so far in the series as it starts and doesn’t stop.

I read this back in July 2022 and I’m now playing catch up on post and reviews so I don’t remember much except that I liked this book and I seem to like the Dresden series more and more as I read them.

Book Review: White Night by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #9)

White Night is the ninth book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. This installment follows Harry as he investigates the killings of different Chicago magical practitioners. Something is killing those who can do magic but aren’t full wizards. Though some are just disappearances and others look like suicides’ at one scene a message is left for Harry which points to a serial killer and Thomas might be involved.

As the story progresses we find out that the killer is dressing like a warden of the White Council to instill fear as the war between the Red Court Vampires and the White Council continues and the plan to use Harry to tip the balance of the war. Thomas it turns out is protecting and hiding those who are being attacked and Marcone ends up helping out to protect the citizen of Chicago.

Like many other urban fantasy series the Dresden Files has a formula at this point but I find that is what makes urban fantasy enjoyable and allows for changes to be that much more powerful. At this point the Dresden Files has found its footing and just keeps getting better.

Book Review: Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #8)

Proven Guilty is the eighth book in the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. This one follows Harry, who is now a warden of the White Council and has been tasked with looking into rumors of black magic being practiced in Chicago. When Molly, the daughter of Michael Charpenter, gets involved it seems like entities taking on the appearance of horror monsters are attacking people she knows and it turns out that she has been dabbling in magic.

Harry is trying to do the right thing in this one by wanting to protect Molly but also needing uphold the laws of magic. This story shows us that Harry has friends and not just colleagues and I definitely understand the animosity to the White Council based on how they are willing to kill those who don’t understand that there are laws of magic that can be broken. I love that Molly ends up becoming Harry’s apprentice but I’m glad that Butch didn’t write it as a romantic or sexual relationship as that would have caused me to stop reading the series.

At this point I’ve both physically read books in this series and some as audio books. I feel like the audio books are the way to go as James Marsters is an amazing narrator.

Book Review: Dead Beat by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #7)

Dead Beat is the seventh book in the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. This one follows Harry as he must find the word of Kemmler to give to the vampire Mavra to keep Murphy safe. However, multiple people want the Word as it would grant the user power.

I find this book harder to summarize then other books in the series because the plot requires you to know events that have happened in the other books. That being said I do think that this is really where the series has comes into its own and is not bog down as some of the earlier books were. I would say that this is one of the funniest books in the series with Butter having a larger role.

This story brings in elements that were introduced in pervious book and its starting to become clear that there is something bigger going on in this world and Harry is currently on the outskirts of it. I loved the ending and I can’t help but think that Harry threating Mavra that he will use everything at his disposal if she threatens those he cares about again is going to come up in the future.

Book Review: Blood Rites by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #6)

Blood Rites by Jim Butcher is the sixth book in the Dresden Files series. This book follows Harry Dresden as he is contacted by the producer of adult films who is worried that someone is attacking his crew with magic and wants Harry to protect him and his crew. Harry is doing this as a favor to Thomas, a White Court vampire that Harry has a friendly relationship with. However, Thomas has some secreats that will change Harry’s life forever.

I’ve heard from different people that the Dresden Files really gets good around book five or six and you just need to power through the first couple of books. I was starting to question if I wanted to finish this series as I just wasn’t really enjoying the books. However, those who said to read though book six I now understand why. This book started out and I thought that I would hate it. Harry as a character can be a bit misogynistic and very opinionated about protecting women but as the book continued I felt that either I’m use to it now or its being toned down. When you get to the half way point and the reveals on who Thomas is Harry comes out and other secrets are brought to light everything clicked for me.

If you are trying to get into this series and having trouble I would say to skip to book four and start from there as I feel like the series just keeps getting better at that point.

Book Review: Death Masks by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #5)

Death Masks is the fifth book in the Dresden Files an urban fantasy series following Harry Dresden a wizard working in Chicago who helps those that get involved in the supernatural. Death Masks sees Harry being contacted by a vampire of the Red Court for a duel to end the war between wizards and vampires while also being contacted by a priest to find the stolen Shroud of Turin.

At this point in my reviews of this series I feel like I have to talk about major plot points was which will include spoilers so if you don’t want spoilers just know that I like the Dresden Files books and each one is better than the last.

This story has multiple plots but all of them connect and have consequences for the future of the series I feel. At the beginning of the book Dresden is contacted by a vampire for a duel which could end the war at the same time the Shroud of Turin has been stolen and Harry agrees to find it. While all of this is going on the police have found a body missing its head and hands but contains some of the worst diseases know to man.

The Shroud is the main plot with the duel working as extra conflict for the story. The Knights of the Cross are attempting to find the Shroud while fighting different groups of daemons who also want it. But they also don’t want Dresden involved at all.

Harry ends up wining the duel but the vampires attempt to kill him anyways say they were just trying to make things work more in their favor. The main plot comes to a head when Harry realizes that the priest that contacted him to find the Shroud is really a demon that has taken on the priest form and the plan is to use the Shroud to spread multiple diseases across the would using modern transportation. They end up getting the Shroud back but the demons disappear. Though one shows up at the very end to hint that they will be back and are watching Harry.

Personally, I like the Dresden Files but I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the series. I read these as audio book and James Marsters is an amazing narrator. However, I often find myself bored for about the first third to half of the book in the set of each books plot and then loving it when everything stars to come together. I do plan to continue with the series and I hope they will just get better from here.

Book Review: Summer Knight by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #4)

91478Summer Knight by Jim Butcher is the fourth book in the Dresden Files series. This book follows Dresden as he deals with the consequences of starting a war against the vampire courts. The main plot focuses more on the Fae Courts and his deal with Leananshidhe who sold it to Mab, the Winter Queen. Dresden must now work for Mab and attempt to find out who killed the Summer Knight.

This book gives more information of how the different Fae and other creatures work in this world. As well as finally showing us the White Council of Wizards. We get some more of Harry’s back story and how he became a member of the White Council. I really liked the new characters introduced especially Ebeneezer McCoy and Elaine as they give more information on Dresden’s past.

The main conflict of the story is that Dresden needs to find out who killed the Summer Knight before war can break out between the Fae Court while also proving himself to the White Council which if he doesn’t they will let the Vampire Courts kill him.

Every book of the Dresden Files keeps getting better and better. When I first started the series I didn’t know if I would continue with it but the world and stories which are better in each book keep bring me back.

Book Review: Full Moon by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #2)

91477Full Moon by Jim Butcher is the second book in the Dresden Files series. The story once again follows Harry Dresden, wizard living in Chicago who helps the police with supernatural crimes. Dresden is down on his luck with no work when a mutilated corpse, strange paw prints combined with a full moon drag him into a murder investigation. Based on the title and summary this time Dresden is going up against werewolf’s but maybe not the ones we know from fiction.

Many people say that the Dresden Files books don’t start getting really good until book three and I agree that Full Moon is not Butcher’s best work. I love the world he has created and Harry Dresden as a character but this book board me at best and annoyed me at worst. I disliked all the scenes with Murphy and until close to the end of the book I didn’t care about what happened or the stakes.

I listen to these books as audio books because even if I’m struggling with the story James Marsters as the narrator make me want to finish the book. However, even with the issues I sometimes have with this series there is something that keeps bring me back and I do plan on continuing with the series.