Book Review: Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff (The Nevernight Chronicles #2)

Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff is the second book in the Nevernight Trilogy. We follow Mia Corvere in the months after the ending of the first book where she became a Blade of the Red Church though many don’t think she has earned her place. When Mia hears that the men who destroyed her family will be at the last gladiatorial games held in Godsgrave she hatches a plan to kill them even though the Red Church has told her that Consul Scaeva is off limits.

For the first 100 pages or so of the book there are flashbacks to four months ago where Mia is working for the Red Church assassinating those she is order to and ends up running into Ash who tried to kill her in the last book. When Ash tells her that the Red Church was involved in the death of Mia’s father, they plan with Mercurio to kill Julius Scaeva behind the Churches back. Most of the story focuses on Mia working her way into the gladiatorial arena and becoming a champion to get a chance to kill those she wants revenge on. However, she is put into situations that question the lengths she will go to and is that changing her.

Though this book took me three months to finish I ended up loving it. Tough I really like Jay Kristoff’s writing and style the flashbacks happen at the begging of most of the chapters for first part of the book caused me to never feel an urge to pick the book up when I had put it down. However, about half way through this changed and I didn’t want to put the book down. I loved Mia interactions with the other gladiatorial combatants and the new information we gained about her family with the fact that what Mia knows might not be completely right.

The ending was amazing and I’m so glad that I don’t have to wait to finish the series if I don’t want to.

Shelflove Crate Darkdawn Box

img_0834.jpgWhen DarkDawn by Jay Kristoff was coming out I got sucked into buying multiple book boxes and ended up with five different copies of DarkDawn. Though I didn’t intend to buy that many copies each box included different items and I’m glad I order all of them.img_0836.jpg

The Shelflove Crate box was called GodsGrave Getaway box and include many high quality items and a US signed special edition of DarkDawn. This copy of the book included exclusive art and came with the extra scene Three bound in the book instead as a separate item.

The bookish goodies for the box where very well done and included a “passport” spoiler card, a gorgeous tapestry blanket, collectible chess pieces of Mia and Tric, a GodsGrave sticker, an enamel pin, tarot cards featuring eleven different characters, a booksleave, a coffee mug, a cat shaped spoon inspired by Mister Kindly, Mia bookends, a sleep mask, a decorative pillow case, a bookmark, and a bath crumble that turns the water red.

Each item was created by different artist and independent shops. All the item are of high quality and well thought out that it justifies the price for the specialty box. This was the first specialty box that I got from Shelflove Crate and based on just this I would buy other boxes from them. However, since this post is going up late I have purchased from them since and there were major shipping issues and I feel like the quality of the items was not worth what I paid. So I would caution anyone planing on buying from them in the future to read some posts about the issues that happen at the end of 2019 before giving them money.