October 2019 Shelf Love Crate

This month I decided to try out several different monthly book box subscriptions to she how they differ from each other. Shelflove Crate is a fantasy and science fiction subscription box that includes a new hardcover book and bookish items each month. October’s theme is Page to Screen.img_1003.jpg

The bookish items included are a Honeydukes popcorn holder, a Game of Thrones inspired scarf, a Coraline inspired heat transfer to a fabric item, a bookish movie poster set, Lord of the Rings mug charms, and the collectible chess pieces with Clary and Jace from City of Bones. With how much I loved September’s this one was a let down and most of these items I don’t care about and will probably end up decluttering in the future.

The book included is The Grace Year by Kim Ligget. The story follow Tierney who lives in a community that tells girls that they have special powers that can charm men. However, at sixteen they must go out into the wilds to release this magic to be ready for marriage. The Grace Year is about survival, freedom and finding hope.IMG_1007

November’s theme is Reading the Restricted Section.

Sadly, I didn’t really like this box. The book sounds interesting but the items except for the scarf are not things that I will use. As this post is going up late I feel like I should mention that Shelflove Crate had shipping issues and delays at the end of 2019. Now their boxes are not sent in actual boxes but bubble mailers.

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