Book Review: Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

26114463Nevernight by Jay Kristoff is an adult fantasy novel that follows Mia Corvere on her quest to train to be an assassin and kill the men who destroyed her family when she was a child. The world of Nevernight is one with three suns that almost never set and Mia has powers over shadows which will aid in her quest to kill those who harmed her and her family.

The story is told to the reader through a narrator who is never named but does tell us Mia’s fate on the first page and goes on to describe her journey to become a feared assassin.  The first chapter starts out comparing Mia’s first time having sex to her first kill which sets the tone for how dark this book will get.

The first hundred pages or so are slow as we, the readers, are learning about Mia, her past, and her journey to the Red Church but once we get to the Red Church the pace picks up. Most of the story is Mia learning to be an assassin and who her life is going to change. However, there is a killer among the students of the Red Church who is killing other students and Mia might be in danger. The best thing is Mia as a character even with her being overwhelmingly smug, and Tric. Mia and Tric’s relationship is one of the strongest aspects of the story overall.

One of the biggest criticism that Nevernight get is Jay Kristoff’s use of footnotes throughout the story. The footnotes don’t have to be read to understand the story all they do is add more to the world building by informing the reader more about the world, society, and religious aspects of this fantasy world. However, I feel like they add to the experience and don’t have an issue with them. I will admit that as a trained historian I’ve read many historical books that for research purposes you have to read the footnotes or endnotes (which are the same thing but one is at the end of the book requiring you to flip back and fourth). Endnotes are the bane of my existence so I much prefer footnotes.

Nevernight is a wonderful dark adult fantasy that would be great for anyone interested in assassins or dark fantasy in general.


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