FaeCrate Iron Fae 10th Anniversay Hangover Kit

IMG_0468When Fae Crate announced that they where doing a 10th Anniversay Hangover Kit for The Iron King by Julie Kagawa I order it because I had wanted to get into the series and I enjoy the excitement around book boxes.IMG_0453

This kit included a bath bomb, an envelope clutch, character cards, an arrow necklace, a key chain, and an enamel pin. The lager items were the Ash plushie, the Iron Fae book tin, and the blanket. I liked everything but I’ve never been a huge fan of the plushies so I might sell that in the future.

This Hangover kit also included the 10th Anniversary paperback edition of The Iron King which came with a signed book plate and a annotated chapter by Julie Kagawa.

These hangover kits are fun to get but designed with fans of the series in mind. Though they would also be good for those just getting into the series.

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