FaeCrate: Wings of Shadow Mini Hangover Recovery Kit

FaeCrate is a young adult book subscription box that also does special edition boxes that they call Hangover Recovery kits. These are suppose to help you get over the book hangover after you have finished the book the box is focused on. A Mini Kit is a little bit smaller and has fewer items but is still a good box. I’ve been slowly reading the Crown of Feathers series and wanted to see what FaeCrate would do for the series.

The book is of course Wings of Shadow by Nicki Pau Preto the third and final book in the Crown of Feathers series which came with a signed bookplate and a letter from the author. Otherwise this is a standard edition of this book which I have more than one copy of so I probably won’t keep this copy. I bought this box for the items.

The items included in this box where dust jacket set, a wooden pin, a Phoenix Shawl, and an Avalkyra plushie. All FaeCrate Hangover Kits come with plushies which I personally don’t like and will sell sometime in the future. However, I always hope that I will love the other items in the box. This box was fairly disappointing. The art on the Dust Jackets are very nice but I don’t like the fact that the titles are not on the dust jackets and the pin is fairly standard. The shawl is nice and I could see myself using it in the future.

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